Firewood equipment...
so many choices!

Firewood equipment exists to make the job easier for you. Cutting, splitting and moving firewood can be back-breaking work. Luckily, many products will save your back and your time!

Read below to learn about different products that can help you do the job more efficiently.


Tired of using that old electric chainsaw to cut your own firewood. Don't fret, newer saws are much lighter and safer than they used to be.

Click here to learn about which chainsaws are the best for cutting firewood.

Click below to learn about some important chainsaw safety gear.

Chainsaw Safety Boots
Chainsaw Chaps and Chainsaw Safety Clothing

From Point A to Point B

Sometimes the hardest and most time consuming part of processing firewood is moving it around. This is especially true if you are cutting a long distance from where you are planning on storing the wood.

There are plenty of different items that are useful for moving firewood, they include:

Logging Tongs and Arches
Firewood Conveyors
Firewood Carriers
Logging Gear and Accessories

Firewood Splitters

Splitting wood can be very time consuming, especially if you aren't using the best equipment for the job.

Splitting firewood can be done both manually and mechanically. Using an axe or a maul is the manual method which can be a lot of work, but if you use an ideal species of wood, it can be pretty efficient. However, if you are splitting a lot of wood or tough species, a hydraulic woodsplitter is the way to go.

Click below to learn more about:

Splitting Mauls
Splitting Axes
Firewood Splitters
Firewood Processors
Camping Axes

If you still haven't found the information you are looking for above, click here to visit my Ask an Expert Page. I'll do my best to answer your questions in a timely manner.

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