Forestry Logging Equipment
and Logging Gear

Forestry logging equipment and logging gear covers a vast amount of products. To avoid information overload, I have profiled only a couple of the best logging accessories for the purpose of processing firewood. Why? Because these items are relatively inexpensive and help get the job done easier.

Pulp Hook

A pulp hook was originally designed for moving 4 foot sections of wood for processing at the pulp and paper mills. You simply stick the pulp hook into one end of the log and guide the other end with your hand. It actually works pretty slick.

Nowadays, with machines doing most of the work, pulp hooks are rarely utilized for their original use. However, they work excellent for handling chunks of firewood.

The advantage comes in being able to stab the wood to grab hold of it. Also, you can carry it lower because of the length of the hook. Obviously, this means less strain on your back. Relatively inexpensive, you can pick up one of these items for around $25.


A Peavey is a necessity when handling logs. This tool comes in handy for many different uses. So what is a Peavey?

A Peavey is a log rolling tool that has a long handle (length varies, but usually around 4'), a swing dog and a pointed end. It was originally developed by Joseph Peavey in 1857 as a tool that could help river drivers pry logs that were stuck in log jams on the Penobscot river in Maine. Since then, the tool has proven to be useful for all aspects of log handling.

The swing dog can be used for grabbing and rotating logs. The tool itself is great for prying logs because of its strenth and size. Also, the spike at the end of the Peavey is great for rolling logs.

In lumberjack sports competitions, the log rolling event is always done with a Peavey (log rolling refers to rolling logs on dry land). The pointed end combined with the swing dog produces a tool versatile enough to maneuver logs through difficult courses and obstacles.

Bottom line- if you deal with logs, this tool will make your life easier. As forestry logging equipment and logging gear go, this is a must have for any serious firewood cutter. A Peavey will cost about $40-$100 depending on its size and manufacturer.

Timber Carrier

A timber carrier or log carrier is used guessed it! Carrying Timber!

Timber carriers are meant to be used by two people at the same time. They have hickory handles with a pair of opposite facing swing dogs mounted in the middle. The swings dogs latch onto the log, and with one person on each end of the handle, the log can be carried or dragged.

Generally priced around $50-$110, this tool isn't as versatile as a Peavey but it's a lifesaver when dragging larger logs by hand.

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