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You've come to the right place to find firewood for sale. The best firewood suppliers have been reviewed and only the top companies are recommended.

It's important to buy from a reputable company because there are too many ways to get ripped off when buying firewood. For example, you can get less than you ordered, poor firewood species or unseasoned wood. All recommended companies have been reviewed and passed the test. So what is the criteria for being a recommended company on

Recommended Company Criteria

Anyone can cut firewood and sell it, but a reputable business will offer a level of professionalism, knowledge and service to their customers. The following is the criteria I use when evaluating firewood suppliers.

Range of products and services
They must offer quality firewood for sale. This means appropriate species for the area, cut and split to proper sizes.

Also, they must offer both dry and green firewood to their customers with delivery.

Suppliers must be knowledgeable about both firewood species and the pests and diseases associated with the species. Exotic pest species such as Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer have devasted areas in recent history. Moving firewood is one of the top reasons for the spread of these exotic pests.

Firewood Companies need to be knowledgeable about these problems to stop further spread and educate their customers about the problems.

Track Record
If I do not have personal experience with a particular business, they have supplied me with multiple references to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products and service.

After all, the best test of a business is the value that they provide to their customers.

Appropriate Price
No rip-off artists here! Prices are reasonable for the area.

Recommended Companies in Your Area

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Want to become a recommended firewood supplier?

If you are interested in becoming a recommended business in our listing, please contact me via my contact page If your company meets the criteria, I will do a profile on your business and include a recommendation on the website.

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