Firewood Storage...
Does it really matter?

Yes!!! Firewood storage is extremely important. Don't go through all the work of processing/buying firewood if you're not going to store it properly.

Why? Because it will end up rotting away on you.

Remember...firewood burns most efficiently when it is seasoned or dry. Proper storage will help season the wood and keep it dry when already seasoned.


The Most Important Things to Remember

Rule #1
If you ground it, it will rot.

Don't let your firewood decompose....keep it elevated! It doesn't matter how you do it, just keep the firewood off the ground. Pallets work great, wooden skids and shed floors work fine as well.

Wood left on the ground is eventually going to rot. It will get wet and start to decompose. Don't let this happen, it's like throwing money out the window!

Rule #2
Circulation, Circulation, Circulation!

I'm not talking about newspapers here. When it comes to seasoning firewood, air circulation is key.

Once your firewood is cut and split, air circulation and the sun play vital roles in seasoning firewood as quickly as possible. If possible, store your green firewood where it will be exposed to both the sun and wind.

Rule #3
Location, Location, Location!

It's important that your firewood storage is in a convenient place. However, too close to the house and you could end up with a pest problem. That's right, insects love to feed and live in dead wood. And you probably don't want the same insects to think your house is the main course.

Pick a spot that isn't directly against your house, but is convenient for moving firewood inside the house. Also, it's okay to store some wood inside your house or close to the house. I just don't recommend having all of your wood up against the house.

If you can remember these 3 rules, you'll be ahead of the game.

So what are my firewood storage options?

I'm glad you asked. Here are some of the most popular storage solutions:

Firewood Sheds
Firewood Carriers
Firewood Racks
Firewood Holders
Firewood Carts
Firewood Boxes
Firewood Stacker
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