Firewood Carriers

Firewood carriers make the job of moving wood much easier. Are you tired of carrying armloads of firewood inside your house? Sick of the debris that you need to sweep up afterwards? How about that shirt that was clean before you started?

I have the solution.....Firewood Carriers!

What are they?

Firewood carriers are items designed to take the aggravation and mess out of moving firewood. They are generally made of leather, suede or canvas and usually hold the equivalent of two or three armloads of firewood.

Some are very simply designed with open ends and handles on the top. Others are enclosed to prevent debris from falling off the wood during transit.

What are the advantages?

You can carry more wood
Carriers allow you to carry more wood than you can hold in your arms. Granted some are designed to hold smaller amounts but most will carry at least two armloads worth of wood.

Cut down on the mess
You don't have to hug the wood the entire time you are carrying it. Hey, I like firewood as much as the next guy- but I prefer to spend my time watching it burn, not cuddling with it.

What happens when you reach your destination? Most of us throw it down onto the hearth, right? Now you've got a mess on your hands. Don't forget about all the debris on your clothes. What a mess!

Using a firewood carrier allows you to elminate the mess and gently place the firewood down on your hearth or storage area.

Faster and More Efficient
Obviously you'll be faster because you can carry more wood with each trip. Your trips will probably be quicker too, because you won't have to juggle with the firewood while you walk. Ever try to pick up that dropped piece of wood with an overloaded armful already? Can you say Jenga?

Don't forget about the aggravation factor. I personally endorse any reasonable product that can cut down on the little aggravating things in life. This is a perfect product to do just that.

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