Firewood Gift Ideas

Looking to buy a Christmas gift for the wood burner in your life? Here are some great firewood gift ideas that are consistently good sellers. These products are priced low and are of good quality.

To keep things simple, I'll divide the products into two categories: Firewood Gifts, and Wood Stove Gifts. All the gifts that I've listed here are top sellers on Amazon.

Firewood Gifts

The items listed here are for people that process their own firewood.


Husqvarna chainsaws are made to last and perform well. The saw on the left is a smaller saw and is perfect for the person that occasionally cuts firewood or only cuts small wood, and it's a great deal for under $300. The middle chainsaw is 50cc's and has an 18" bar which is better suited for someone that processes a fair amount of firewood, but doesn't deal with a lot of really big logs. At under $400 dollars, it's a very good value. Finally, the last saw is 60cc's with a 20" bar and is perfect for someone that cuts a fair amount of large logs. Keep in mind, these chainsaws are well made and the manufacturer stands behind their products. If you see a bad review on these products, it is usually because the person writing the review does not know how to properly operate and maintain a saw.

Safety Gear

Nothing is more important than staying safe while processing firewood. Below are some top notch products to do just that!

Splitting and Storage Equipment

These four items are very popular sellers. The Fiskars splitting axe is well designed, durable and inexpensive. The Landmann firewood rack is a top seller because it has a nice look, but an inexpensive price tag. For those looking for the cheapest solution to storing firewood, the EZ Stacker is the way to go. For less than $20 and some 2x4's you can easily have a firewood rack that will do the job fine. Finally, this wood carrier is great because it has a front and back to keep the dirt and splinters from falling onto the floor in your house. Most firewood carriers have an open front and back, which is great for carrying firewood but not so great for keeping a clean house!

Wood Stove Gifts

These gifts will make burning wood in the fireplace or woodstove easier and more efficient.


The tool set is perfect for both wood stoves and fireplaces. The ecofan is expensive, but doesn't require batteries or electricity. Simply place it on top of your stove and the heat powers the fan. The Doorway Booster makes your heating more efficient as it facilitates heat moving between rooms. And finally, it's important to have a thermometer to ensure that you are burning wood at its optimal level. Keep in mind when buying a thermometer, that you need to check what type of flue pipe you have (single walled vs double walled) as some are made for particular pipes.


The Creosote Sweeping log reduces the risk of a chimney fire. Keep in mind though, that nothing substitutes actually sweeping your chimney! The Fatwood and Firestarter nuggets are perfect for getting a fire burning quickly. Finally, the bellow is the best way to stroke the fire without getting on your hand and knees and possibly losing your eyebrows in the process!

I hope that these products will help you find that perfect gift idea for a wood burning friend or family member. All the best!

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