Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves are the answer for heating your house as efficiently as possible with firewood. They are superior to fireplaces because they are built to radiate heat to help you save on your heating bill.

Types of Woodstoves

There are many different types of wood stoves that you can use. Antique wood stoves are popular with many people because of their classic designs. Outdoor wood stoves, usually referred to as boilers, are perfect for people with access to a lot of firewood who want to exclusively use firewood for heating.

Some wood stoves are made of cast iron, while others are partially constructed with soapstone for both aesthetics and heating properties.

Homemade wood stoves are also common but they aren't as efficient as the newer EPA certified stoves. The EPA stoves are definitely the best bet for buying a new stove because of their superior heating ability and efficiency.

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Homemade Wood Stoves
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Wood Stove Products

There are many products that will make your wood burning experience easier. These items can help make your wood stove safer, easier to operate and increase heat circulation.

Some of these products include:

Wood Stove Blowers
Wood Stove Heat Shield
Stove tools such as pokers, shovels and rakes
Wood Stove Fans
Wood Stove Paint
Wood Stove Kettles
Wood Stove Thermometers


There are dozens of different brands of quality wood stoves. Check in often as we will be building articles with information and reviews of all the different brands. We'll be covering them all, from Ashley wood stoves to Vermont Castings wood stoves.

Country Flame Wood Stoves
Earth Wood Stove
Hardy Wood Stoves
Quadrafire Wood Stoves

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