Wood Stove Kettles

Wood stove kettles are a great decorative way to add some humidity to the air during those cold dry winter months when using a wood stove.

Why use one?

Cold air is very dry. Heating in the winter always produces a dry heat, regardless of whether you are using a woodstove or a furnace. This dry air can be uncomfortable and results in an excess of static electricity, skin irritation, nose bleeds, respiratory problems and dry eyes. Personally, because I wear contacts, I fall prey to the dry eye problem. Using a kettle will increase the relative humidity in the air to help alleviate these problems.

Will a Stove Kettle Solve the Problem?

Honestly, it really depends on the size of your house. The short answer is that unless you have a small house, it probably won't completely solve the problem. It will definitely help to add some moisture into the air, but it may not be enough.

If you are really having a problem with dry air and live in a farly large place, a humidifier may be the best solution for you. But as I said before, it really needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Some Great Benefits

Outside of the obvious benefit of adding moisture to the air, there are some other reasons to use these kettles.

Nice Fragrance

Fragrant oils can be purchased to provide a great scent in your home. Just add a few drops to the water in the kettle and you are in business.


These wood stove kettles come in various different colors, shapes and sizes. The most traditional kettles are simply cast iron. Others are cast iron with a porcelain coating that comes in many different colors to complement your home.

Decorative Trivets

Trivets are also sold to protect your wood stove and to add some more decorative charm to the set-up. The trivets are good to use because they also prevent the kettles from getting too hot and boiling over.

Here are some examples of kettles and oils:

Best Stove Kettle Recommendation

If you have a wood stove anyway, why not utilize it to add some humidity into the dry winter air? Considering the lost cost of buying a wood stove kettle or steamer, it makes no sense not to have one. Besides adding moisture to the air, you can add a nice scent to you whole house. Just remember that these kettles are not meant to be used for drinking or food consumption.

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