Firewood Types and Firewood Species???
Who cares, I have 8 cords of aspen to burn this winter!

Don't be "that guy". Firewood types are important to factor into your plans. If you act like "that guy", you'll run out of wood halfway through winter. Nevermind having to feed the woodstove every 40 minutes.

Wood species vary in many ways including how they burn as firewood. Some burn hot and also very fast. Others burn hot and long, and some just don't burn very well at all. If you are planning on heating your house with firewood, you're going to want to know the differences. It could make a big impact on your winter heating bill.

Another factor to consider is the ease of processing the firewood. Ash is straight grained and splits easily. But spend 10 minutes splitting elm and you'll be cursing like a drunken sailor!

Here is a list of species that have been profiled to help make your decision on which wood is the best for you.

Species List

Box Elder
Shagbark Hickory

The above pages will help you identify the species of the tree and then determine whether it is worth your time to burn it.

Firewood Types page to Firewood Homepage

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