Apple Firewood

Identification Features

Apples are deciduous trees with simple leaves that are elliptical to ovate in shape. It is a small tree that has a twisted form with many branches that are often low hanging on the tree.

The bark on apple trees is smooth when young and eventually becomes scaly as it matures.

You can also identify this tree by the presence of apples. Pretty obvious, huh?

Heating Value and Processing Ease

Apple wood makes for excellent firewood. It has an above average heating value and coals well.

The ease of splitting is pretty average. However, since apple trees are not large, splitting will be fairly minimal when burning this species in a woodstove.


I recommend using apple wood because of its high heating value. Its best trait is the pleasant smell that it omits when burning. For that reason, apple is commonly used in cooking. I enjoy smoking meat in my woodsmoker and apple is always my first choice for the task.

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