Wood Camp Stoves

Wood camp stoves are perfect for camping trips when you need a lightweight stove that can cook food quickly without having to carry fuel.

What are they?

Most camp stoves that burn wood are small cylinder shaped metal stoves that burn twigs and small pieces of wood very efficiently. The design can vary with different models and brands, but the general idea is that the wood burns efficiently and in such a tight space that it can produce a lot of heat in a short period of time. This makes it perfect for boiling water or heating up that inviting bowl of soup in a hurry.

When hunger strikes just gather some twigs and branches, start a fire with some tinder and within a couple of minutes you'll have a hot stove.

Pros and Cons

Lets delve into the advantages and disadvantages of using a camp wood stove.


Price and simplicity. These stoves tend to be less expensive than the ones that are powered by fuel such as white gas or isobutane. Additionally, you'll never have to pay for fuel!

Pack it light. No need to carry around a flammable fuel container when you are hiking. As long as you are in a wooded area, you'll have no problem finding suitable fuel.

Burning wood just feels right. I mean, come on, are you really roughing it when you pull out a propane stove to cook up your meals? In my opinion, living off the land is what camping/backpacking is all about. Not to mention that burning wood is very satisfying, that's why this website exists!


Fuel can be scarce. If you make camp in a wet area or an area that isn't wooded, you are out of luck. Obviously, the smart move here is to plan ahead and prevent this from happening.

Operator error. These wood camp stoves do an excellent job, but the bottom line is that you need to be competent enough to build and tend a fire.

Recommended Product- WoodGas Stove

There are many different types of camp stoves that burn wood and most of them are top notch products. One of the best products out there is the WoodGas stove.

This stove utilizes a fan that helps produce dual stage combustion to burn wood even more efficiently than other models. It is lightweight and comes in two different sizes.

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