Country Flame Wood Stoves

Country Flame wood stoves are manufactured by American Energy Systems Inc. and have been around for 30 years. They offer EPA certified wood stoves, both non-catalytic and catalytic models.

Model BFF

The model BFF is their largest stove that they offer, heating upto 3,0000 square feet with 72% efficiency. These models are catalytic and can be purchased as a free standing wood stove or as a fireplace insert.

Some notable features include:

  • Room Air Blower
  • 16 hour maximum burn time
  • Large Glass Door and Decorative Side Windows
  • 29" Maximum Log Length

Ovation Non-Catalytic Model

The Ovation model is a smaller non-catalytic stove that features 70% efficiency. This model is approved for mobile homes when installed with their specifications.

Here are some key features:

  • Maximum log length of 18"
  • Glass Front Door
  • Heating Capacity of 600-1,200 Sq. Feet
  • 8 Hour Burn Time

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