Wood Stove Fans

Wood stove fans are a great solution for adding air circulation to your home when using a wood stove. Heating with wood produces radiant heat and tends to create hot spots and colder spots. These hot and cold zones are usually caused by the location of the wood stove and the design of the house. Sometimes a fan is a good idea to distribute the heat more evenly. This is especially true with a longer home such as a ranch style house.

There are two different types of fans that I recommend. One is the electricity free Ecofan and the other is the Doorway booster fan.


The Ecofan is a great solution for circulating air around a larger room. Its best feature is that it doesn't use any electricity to operate. You simply place it on top of your stove and once it reaches a certain temperature (150 degrees Fahrenheit)it will begin to work.

It works because of the temperature difference that occurs when the base of the unit heats up. This product is a energy efficient and quiet solution for a wood stove fan.

The only drawback to this fan is that it is fairly expensive. Models start at $70 USD. However, when you factor in the savings in energy costs over the life of the unit, it's really not a bad deal.

Doorway Booster Fan

The Doorway Booster Fan is one of the best options for distributing heat if you live in a long house. Heat is often trapped in the corners of doorways, prohibiting it from free movement between rooms. The doorway fan is installed in the top corner of a doorway/hallway and ensures well balanced heat between rooms.

It is fairly inexpensive, but unlike the ecofan, it does use electricity.


The ecofans are great for adding some air circulation to large rooms, but when it comes to balancing the heat between rooms the doorway booster fan is your best bet.

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