Quadrafire Wood Stoves

Quadrafire wood stoves has been around for a long time. They are quality stoves that are known for their clean emissions. Learn more about the models and features on this page.

Advantages to a Quadrafire Wood Stove

All quadrafire stoves are of the non-catalytic variety. The argument can be made that there are advantages to catalytic stoves, but non-catalytic stoves generally last longer without having to be serviced. This means that you won't have to worry about maintenance to the stove as quickly as other catalytic models.

4-Point Combustion System
The 4-point combustion system boasts maximum efficiency and a cleaner burn. Its secondary burn process involves four different zones resulting in cleaner emissions and more efficient, longer-lasting fires. I could go into the details about the 4 different zones, but I'm trying to keep it simple for you here!

EPA Certified
All of their wood stoves are EPA certified, meaning that they are regarded as being highly efficient and clean burning. Using an EPA certified wood stove means that you'll go through less wood to heat your home. Most of their models are close to 80% efficiency, which is quite high.

Automatic Combustion Control
Available on the Millenium and Step-Top models, Automatic Combustion Control makes heating with wood easier than it's ever been. You simply load the wood, start the fire, and set the desirable heat level. The stove will control the flow of air so that you can get the desired heat level without having to constantly monitor the stove.

Popular Models

The Millenium Models
The Millenium stoves are very popular and come in several different sizes. They have a black matte finish and simply styling. Some popular sizes include the Millenium 2100 which heats up to 1500 sq. feet, the Millenium 3100 which heats up to 1900 sq. feet, and the Millenium 4100 which heats up to 2400 sq. feet.

Step Top Models
The Step Top Models provide all the benefits from the Millenium stoves and feature an ash removal system for easy and convenient clean-up.

Cumberland Gap
The Cumberland Gap model is a very attractive stove that is available in a striking mohagany color. It features cast iron styling with cabinet style front doors and a convenient side door for safe loading. These stoves are more expensive than the practical millenium stoves, but can really become the focal point of a room. The only downside to this model is that the Automatic Combustion Control is not included.

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