Firewood Box, Firewood Boxes...What's the deal?

Lately I've had many people asking me for information using a firewood box. Well, I've got your answers...

Simply put, firewood boxes are anything that you want to put firewood into that looks like a box! In all seriousness, most folks would benefit much more from using either a firewood shed, firewood rack, or firewood cart for storing firewood.

For one thing, a box isn't necessarily the nicest looking item to have hanging around by the woodstove. Secondly, storing your firewood in an enclosed box won't allow it to dry quickly. Air circulation is the best thing for that.

For that reason I highly recommend using a firewood rack for medium quantities of wood. They look nice and do the job properly. Click Here to learn more about firewood racks.

If you are looking to store smaller amounts of wood indoors, you'll be better off using a firewood cart , and for larger amounts of wood (2 or more cords) I highly suggest that you look into getting a firewood shed.

However, if you are deadset on using a box to store your firewood, make it a spot where you keep your kindling. Kindling should be totally dry to begin with so there shouldn't be any moisture problems with your firewood box. Good luck!

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