Firewood Holders, Firewood Holder

Firewood holders come in many different shapes and sizes. Which one suits you best will depend on where you want to store the firewood, how much you need to store, and your price range.

Some Important Questions to Answer

You need to determine exactly what your needs are before buying anything. The questions below will help you with your decision.

Are you looking to store your wood inside or outside?
If you are only looking to store small amounts of wood inside, a firewood cart or firewood carrier may be your best bet. I recommend only storing small amounts of firewood indoors to avoid insect and mold problems inside your house.

What are your current firewood storage options?
Do you currently have a firewood shed? Do you season your firewood outside or buy it already seasoned?

Answering these questions is important to your overall strategy. Seasoning firewood is a process and the more organized you are about it, the better. For example, if you initially split your firewood and then store it outside in the sun for a few seasons, then transfer it to a firewood storage shed- your wood will be very well seasoned by the time it is ready to be indoors. In that case, buying a firewood rack for your covered porch or your mudroom would be a great solution.

How much money are you willing to spend?

Firewood carts and carriers will be less expensive than buying a firewood rack. Obviously, the firewood rack is going to hold a lot more wood.

Where can I learn more about firewood racks, carriers and carts?

I'm glad you asked! We have informational pages dedicated to all three. There you will find more information to determine what firewood holders work best. Click the links below to learn more.

Firewood Racks
Firewood Carts
Firewood Carriers


Holders for firewood are a must for anyone that burns wood. Personally, I use all three items listed above. They are all handy and serve a different purpose.

Just remember that the most important part of firewood storage is to season your firewood. Keep it dry and let air circulate around the firewood. This will ensure that you have hot burning fires that are sure to please!

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