Logging Winch Information

Using a logging winch is an excellent way to increase efficiency when cutting trees for firewood. Using a winch will greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend lugging pieces of firewood by hand.

What type of winches are suitable for this application? Read below to learn about the types that a most commonly used.

Come Along Winch

This is a winch that you operate by hand. You attach it to two items, one that you want to pull and the other should be a stationary item such as a tree or vehicle. Using a ratcheting motion, the winch slowly pulls as you crank the cable in closer.

It is a great tool to use because of its price (most are under $50). However, it is slow going and you are limited by the amount of cable in the come along. Once you have reeled the cable in, it is necessary to reset in order to pull again.

Bottom line, its a great way to move some logs if you don't have any other options.

Electric Winch For an ATV

This is another option for winching smaller firewood logs. These winches can be purchased and mounted onto an ATV or 4 Wheeler and work great for pulling smaller and lighter logs out of the woods.

The only downside to this product is that it won't be effective for large logs, and you obviously need an ATV to use it.

Tractor Winch

Tractor winches are excellent for winching firewood logs. They attach to the PTO of the tractor and are capable of moving larger logs.

Its best to operate them from the side of the tractor so that you can clearly see what you are doing. Just winch the log up to the tractor and then drive it to your loading or processing area. Simple, easy and effective

I've used many of these winches before and they are my choice for moving logs out of the woods.

Again, obviously you need a tractor with a PTO to make this option work for you.

Lewis Chainsaw Winch

The Lewis Chainsaw Winch is an excellent tool because it utilizes the equipment that you are already using- a chainsaw!

Simply put, the logging winch attaches to your chainsaw. The chainsaw powers the winch which pulls the logs.

This is a versatile tool to have, but it doesn't have the power that a tractor winch gives you. However, you should seriously consider buying one if you don't own a tractor or ATV.

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