Logging Tongs, Logging Arch - Make skidding logs faster and easier.

Logging tongs serve a very important purpose - skidding logs and helping you save your back.

When cutting firewood out in the woods, the most time-consuming part is often transporting the wood to an area where it will be processed and stored. Cutting the wood to firewood sized lengths and then carrying it to a truck or tractor is effective but takes a lot of time and energy. Not to mention the strain on your back!

Using tongs or arches allow you to drag the entire log or tree out of the woods. This means less lugging around heavy blocks of firewood. Sounds like a pretty good idea, huh?

There are several different types that are used. Some are actually hand models that allow you to drag a log without being bent over. Other models are designed to be attached to a cable or chain and used in conjunction with a tractor, winch or other piece of equipment to skid logs.

Finally, some models include a logging arch and are attached to an ATV. These models do an excellent job of keeping the front of the log elevated. Using a logging arch ensures that the log will not get stuck on stumps or rocks during skidding.

Read below for a quick profile of the different types.

Hand Tongs

Hand tongs are meant to be used to dragging small logs or trees. Why only small logs, simply because you are dragging them by hand.

They are set up with long handles and allow you to grab the log without having to bend over. This puts you in a better position to drag the log because you aren't putting unnecessary strain on your back.

The advantage to this model is for dragging the smaller logs when you don't have a piece of equipment such as a tractor or a winch.

Logging tongs

Logging tongs are better than simply dragging a log with a cable or chain because they attach to the top of the log. This keeps the front of the log higher up making it less likely to get stuck on stumps or rocks.

They are normally set up with two dogs(dogs are simply the pieces that attach to the side of the log) that are attached to a steel ring that you can hook onto a cable, strap or chain.

Tongs can also be used to lift logs completely off of the ground. This is useful when loading logs onto trailers, or on top of a pile of logs.

The advantages of these tongs are that they are inexpensive. However, they are only useful if you have something to attach to them such as a winch, ATV or tractor.

Columbus McKinnon 40005 Skidding Tongs

Logging Arch

A logging arch is similar to tongs, however it is suspended in the air. This makes front of the log even higher and minimizes the chances of it getting stuck on a stump or rock.

Usually arches can be attached to all terrain vehicles or even tractors.

These arches are a bit more expensive than normal tongs, however, they do a better job of keeping the logs from getting hung up. The only real disadvantage to arches is the fact that you need a piece of equipment to tow them.


If you cut a fair amount of firewood in an area that is not accessible with a vehicle, you can really pick up production by using logging tongs or a logging arch. For the price that you pay for these products, you really get a good value.

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