Chainsaw Chaps and Chainsaw Safety Clothing

Chainsaw chaps and chainsaw safety clothing are necessities when operating a chainsaw. Without the proper precautions serious injuries can occur. Read below to learn how to protect yourself when cutting firewood.

Types of protective clothing

There are two main types of chainsaw protective clothing: chaps and pants. Chaps usually cover the front of your legs. Some types also wrap around the back of your lower legs to offer your calves added protection. For the best protection, full chainsaw pants can also be purchased.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing chainsaw safety clothing is the UL label. UL stands for Underwriter's Laboratories and means that the gear has been inspected to meet the top quality standards. Not all chainsaw chaps and pants meet this requirement, so it's important to look for the UL label. Below are three types of chaps/pants that meet the UL standard.

Chainsaw Gloves

Chainsaw gloves are another form of added protection. Studies have shown that most chainsaw hand injuries occur on the top of the left hand. For this reason, chainsaw gloves have kevlar in that area to reduce the chances of a major injury. These gloves are different from normal work gloves, so be sure to buy ones made for this purpose. Below is an example:

How do they work?

Chainsaw safety clothing has an inner material that can be made from kevlar, ballistic nylon and other synthetic materials. Basically, they bind the chainsaw sprocket and stop it from spinning.

Does this mean that chainsaw chaps will always stop a saw? Not exactly. They are rated to stop a chain at a certain speed. A large powerful saw that is running at full throttle probably won't be stopped by a pair of chaps. However, the chaps will certainly lessen the injury if that ever did occur.

I have personally been saved by chaps twice. Both times the saw was not at full throttle and the chaps immediately stopped the chain. Trust me - this is an item that you need to have if you value your health. Even the most experienced cutters can make mistakes.

Keep It Simple Tips

Tip #1
Wear your chaps snug. They need to be snug to work properly. Loose chaps can come loose when hit with a saw and leave your leg exposed.

Tip #2
Once the chaps have served their purpose, it's time for a new pair. If there are holes in the outer layer of material, it's time to replace them. Oil and other materials that get into the inner layer actually act as an adhesive and reduce the effectiveness of the chaps.

Tip #3
I know that chainsaw pants and chaps can be hot on those summer days. Wear them anyway!

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