Firewood Processor

A firewood processor is the best piece of equipment that you'll find for cutting and splitting your firewood quickly. However, it's a little bit of overkill for the average firewood cutter who only processes a few cords per year.

How does it work?

A processor takes a log, cuts it to proper lengths and then splits the wood into firewood. All the operator has to do is load the logs onto the deck and work a few levers and Presto!!! Processing firewood has never been easier.

Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well, don't get too excited, these handy items cost a fair amount of money. Of course it all depends upon the model, but we are talking a bare minimum of several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars for one of these machines.

Who should consider buying a processor?

Truth be told, unless you run a firewood business, you are wasting your money buying one of these machines. However, if you do already run a firewood business, a processor can take your business to the next level in terms of production.

Remember, these machines are capable of producing hundreds or even thousands of cords of firewood per year. It's easy to see why buying one might be a little bit of overkill if you are only processing a dozen or so cords per year.


Processors are top-notch machines that produce firewood at an absurdly fast rate. Anyone with an existing firewood business or anyone thinking of starting a business should consider using one. For the rest of us, it's smarter to stick to a splitter or the old faithful splitting maul.

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