When to cut poplar for firewood

by Dana Draher
(Bellaire, MI)

Spring is here but mornings are still a bit chilly. We would like to use Poplar for quick morning fires but need to know when it's best to harvest.



Many people feel that firewood shouldn't be cut in the spring because the "sap is up" but I disagree with this theory. The best time to cut firewood is as soon as possible. The quicker you cut the tree down and process the wood, the sooner it will be ready for burning.

Keep in mind that wood you cut in the spring will not be suitable for burning until the fall at the absolute earliest.

The only time that I caution people about cutting in the spring is when they are only pruning trees. The reason being is that some species are prone to ooze sap from the pruning cuts and this can attract unwanted pests and damage the tree.

I hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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