What is a fair price for 1/2 cord of fire wood? I know it depends on type of wood just a ball park fiqure.

by Samantha
(Silver Lakes, CA)

I have never purchased fire wood, not sure if his price is fair. He has Avacado wood, cedar wood, almond wood and Maple wood. I was quoted $135.00 for 1/2 cord. I think its for the cedar wood?



$135.00 for a half of a cord of firewood sounds reasonable, but there is variability based on location so it's best to check around your area to see some typical rates. Craigslist is a great resource. Keep in mind that folks selling on Craigslist are probably going to be cheaper than a firewood business, but at least it can give you a general idea.

If the quoted price includes a mix of all the species mentioned above, it's probably a good price. However, if only cedar is included in the order, it may not be the best deal. Cedar is a great wood to use as kindling as it burns hot and fast, but it doesn't burn as long as the other species mentioned in your question. Make sure that you find out exactly what you will be getting in terms of species before you order.

I hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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