uh ohh- I just bought 2 cords of dried willow

by Kris

I thought the firewood folks were bringing me pine- but it's willow. Now what? This is the first time I have bought firewood. Usually we split 3 cords of beetle kill pine, this year we ran out of time. I can't return it, and it doesn't seem to burn well. Any suggestions?


Willow is a tree that contains a lot of moisture when it is first cut. Dried willow is very light but freshly cut willow is very heavy. Perhaps your willow still has some moisture and that is the problem?

Even dry willow is poor firewood as it doesn't have a high heating value, but it should burn when properly seasoned.

My recommendation is to let it season longer and hopefully it will burn better for you next year. And always check with your firewood company to ensure that you are getting the species that you are expecting before delivery.

-Firewood Matt

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