Turning a tree lying on the ground

by Steve
(Coos Bay OR USA)

I have a turning a tree lying on the ground question. I have dropped 7 trees for next years firewood. I am getting older and need help turning the tree once I've cut my chunks on the sky side. I recently saw a turner handled by one man, but that had an approximately 4 foot spread between hooks.



Turning a log while it is lying on the ground can be very difficult without using mechanical equipment(for really large logs). That being said it's certainly not impossible.

The turning tool that you are referring to is called a Peavey. A Peavey is a tool designed to move, turn and carry logs. Below you will see a picture of one.

To use a peavey, you stick the swing dog into the log and use the leverage from the handle to turn the log.

The problem you will run into is that some logs and especially full length trees will be too large to turn. To remedy this problem, you need to cut the tree into more manageable size pieces(for example cut a 45 foot tree into 3 logs). Even if the tree is lying flat on the ground, you can carefully cut them without dulling up your chain. It's really just a matter of a little bit of finesse with the chainsaw.

Another way to eliminate this problem is to fell the tree onto other pieces of wood to keep it off the ground. Obviously this takes a certain level of skill in terms of directional felling, but it works great. Simply take a couple of sections of log and lay them perpendicular to where the tree will be felled. Once the tree is on the ground, it will be elevated on the skids and you won't have to worry about dulling your chain while cutting.

Happy Cutting,

Firewood Matt

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Turning a tree lying on the ground NEW
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tip on making it shorter to deal with
by: rskybizintrees

Also if you are cuting the tree shorter you may find it wants to bind your saw as the tree may be under tension. A wedge (plastic prefered) stuck in the kerf from the top will remedy the pinching/bind.

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