Hire an Arborist from a Tree Company to cut your firewood

When you want to cut firewood trees on your property and aren't experienced enough to cut them yourself, you should hire an arborist.


Because a certified arborist can evaluate the health or your trees, determine if any hazards trees exist, and do the job properly without damage to your property.

Also, many trees that are near houses or power lines need to be climbed and cannot simply be felled. If you are ever in doubt, make sure to consult with an arborist. They may not know everything about firewood, but they know about tree care and removal.

4 Types of Tree Workers

Just because someone claims to do tree work does not necessarily make them an expert in the field. Read below to learn about the 4 types of tree workers that I commonly see in the residential setting.

Type #1- Person with a Ford Ranger and a chainsaw

This is the most dangerous type of tree worker out there. He thinks that because he owns a pickup truck and a chainsaw, he can make some money doing tree work. It's common to see this individual driving around after a big storm soliciting work.

The problem is that they simply don't know how to properly remove and care for trees. Most of the time they are not insured. This is bad news, stay away from this type of tree worker.

Please note that just because someone shows up to do a bid in a Ford Ranger does not make them unqualified. Many companies have such vehicles that are used solely for the purpose of doing bids.

Type #2 - Landscapers that claim to do tree work

I run into these people all the time when working in the residential setting. A tell-tale sign is a nicely manicured lawn underneath a tree that looks like it was pruned by Mr. Magoo.

Seriously, would you ask your dentist to deliver a baby? Well, a dentist is in the medical profession so.......of course not!

It's the same way with tree work. For the record, there are plenty of landscaping companies that offer good arboricultural services. Unfortunately, there are also some out there that claim to do tree work but don't have the knowledge to back it up.

Type #3 - Tree Worker without the science

It's common to run into these people in the tree care industry. They know how to properly and safely remove trees but don't have the backround to properly understand why the tree died or how to keep it healthy.

Usually this person is insured and actually does a pretty good job at removing your trees. The difference is that they can't tell you exactly why a tree has died and how to combat this problem in the future.

Type #4 - Certified Arborist

Ideally, this is who you want to hire to do your tree work. To become a certified arborist (either ISA or State Certified) they must show an understanding of all facets of tree care. A good certified arborist can tell you why a tree is dying, how to combat this problem, and determine the best course of action.

A certified arborist will be insured and be trained to safely remove and care for your trees. This is extremely important because if you have a problem, they'll get to the root of it from the start.


Always hire a certified arborist and check references. It's not worth the risk of hiring an untrained tree worker to save a few hundred bucks. It could end up costing you more in the long run.

You can even ask the arborist to cut your leftover wood into firewood sized chunks. This will save you time in processing the firewood.

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