Storing firewood in a garage - Problem with Termites?

by Sam Neale
(Knoxville, TN)

I live in a condo and the person next door to me has stored firewood in their garage. My concern is that this may draw termites which would possibly come to my condo and begin an infestation. Am I worrying about something that I shouldn't be worrying about? If this is a concern, please provide me with an alternative to tell my neighbor.



Termites can be a problem when dealing with firewood. However, when firewood is stored properly the risk of termite infestation is greatly reduced.

Most termites are of the subterranean variety, meaning that they live underground and tunnel to find a food source such as a pile of firewood. When firewood is stored, it should be elevated so that none of the wood is touching the ground. Doing this will greatly reduce the risk of termites attacking the firewood.

Additionally, for an infestation to occur, the worker termites (the ones in the firewood) must bring the food to the colony underground where the queen will reproduce. When firewood is in a garage and the termites can't access their colony, the chances of an infestation are minimal. Additionally, if the garage is heated, any termites in the wood are not likely to survive very long as most termites need moisture to survive.

So to answer your question - if your neighbor is properly storing and seasoning his firewood before he brings it into his garage, the chances of termite problems are minimal. Is it still possible? Sure it is, but when firewood is dealt with the right way, the risk is much less.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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