Seasoned Oak firewood. Does it rot?

(Winfield KS USA)

How long will it take seasoned split oak firwood to rot? I have approximately 10 cords that I will not burn this year but hope to save it for next year.


Don't worry, the oak won't rot on you as long as it is stored properly. Make sure it stays elevated away from moisture and it will stay solid for years.

Most of the time firewood ends up rotting because it is stored improperly. Firewood can be susceptible to both wet and dry rot. Wet rot and dry rot,despite the polar differences implied in their names, both need moisture to break down wood. Rotting wood is a result of fungus thriving in certain conditions (temperature, moisture, etc).

As long as their aren't signs of previous decay and you keep the wood dry, you'll be good for years to come.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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