Pictures of the best firewood


I want to see pictures of the best firewood trees and the name of the ones that are good to burn in the fireplace.
And then I would like to know the pros and cons about each one.


The best place to learn about the identification and information about common firewood species is to check out our firewood types page. It can be found by clicking on the tab on the left of your screen that is labeled Firewood Types.

There you can learn all pertinent information about all the best firewood species.

Happy Burning,

Firewood Matt

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Feb 05, 2010
Splitting Long Wood
by: Tyler Durgen

Hi Firewood Matt,

Your site is really nice. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on splitting Long Firewood. We have a big wood stove in our shop. The firebox is like 3' deep. 24" wood is as long as our splitter will do. How do we split longer wood so that we can get more in the firebox?

Another question: Are there ways we can split longer wood with a splitting axe? Where could we buy one for splitting longer wood?




Thanks for checking out the site. The best advice I can give you on splitting longer pieces of wood would be to use a splitting maul. Another option is to buy a wood splitter that has the capability to split longer pieces, but that is a fairly expensive option.

When splitting the long pieces by hand, try your best to avoid the knots and depending on the species of wood you are splitting, you may or may not have much success.

If the wood is too hard to split with just a maul, consider using steel wedges that you hit into the wood with the flat side of the maul to gradually split the wood. Good Luck!

-Firewood Matt

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