Oak vs Hickory Firewood

by Michael
(Tulsa, OK, USA)

What is the best type of firewood to buy? Seasoned oak or hickory? Which one will produce the most heat?



Both oak and hickory are exceptional species for firewood. When properly seasoned, they are highly sought after for firewood.

In terms of which one is better, it really shouldn't matter too much. That would come down to the actual species of oak and hickory to determine which has a higher heat output(shagbark hickory being the highest). But either way, they will serve you well and you don't need to worry about the difference as it's pretty marginal.

Generally speaking, when you order firewood, you are going to get a mix of several species of wood. If those species are primarily oak and hickory, you are doing well.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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