Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln dried firewood results from putting green firewood into a kiln chamber. Hot air is circulated around the firewood inside the kiln chamber and as a result, the firewood is quickly dried.

A lot of the time, firewood that is kiln dried is packaged into the small bundles that you see at gas stations and campgrounds. However, some companies do offer larger quantities to homeowners.


The biggest advantage to buying kiln dried wood is you know that it is properly seasoned. This will allow you to burn the wood as soon as you get it. Keep in mind that seasoned firewood should also be properly dried but it isn't always a sure thing.

Another advantage is the fact that the wood will be bug and mold free. The heating process kills insects and mold spores that can exist in firewood that has been seasoned outdoors. This can be great if you plan on storing a lot of your firewood indoors.


The largest disadvantage is the price. Kiln dried wood is usually more expensive than normal seasoned wood. On top of it's prohibitive cost, it can also be difficult to find a supplier.

Most firewood companies don't kiln dry their wood because of the additional cost that they need to pass on to their customers. If you can find a supplier, they may not be able to sell you a large enough quantity of wood to meet your demands.


Kiln dried wood has its place. In my opinion it is an option for anyone who wants to store their firewood indoors and doesn't burn a lot of wood (less than half a cord per year). That is, of course, if you don't mind paying a premium for the wood.

In reality its best use is for the camper who needs some firewood to burn for a night or two. Especially with all of the problems associated with moving firewood, kiln dried wood can be moved to different locations.

For the average firewood user, proper storage will give you the benefits of kiln dried wood without all the added cost.

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