How to stack wood inside and Wood Stove Clearances

by Larry
(Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Canada)

How close to wood stove can the wood be stacked?
Also, how close can a couch be to the stove?



For wood stove clearances, you should really refer to the owners manual of your own wood stove for the most accurate information as models will vary.

However, in general a good rule is that all furniture and walls should be 48" away from the wood stove. If your stove has a heat shield, 36" is recommended. This number could be smaller, but unless you check the manufacturers recommendation, it's best to stick with those clearances.

In regards to how close you should stack your wood, I recommend 36" away from the woodstove. Remember that it is best to only store a small amount of wood indoors (I recommend a supply for a day or two) because storing large quantities of wood indoors can lead to mold and bug problems inside the house.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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