how deep are the roots on a liquid elm tree?

by Karen A

The tree is very close to two houses and the roots are showing on the surface. Is it okay to you use it for fire wood. Is it in danger of following over?



Elm makes for decent firewood. It is tough to split and takes a long time to season properly, but it will burn fine once it has been dried out.

In regards to the roots, that's really a situation that should be looked at in person by a certified arborist. Roots on the surface are pretty normal to some degree. Believe it or not, most tree roots live in the top 6 inches of the soil. If you are seeing roots that are exposed more than a few feet away from the base of the trunk and that area is often flooded, you may have a valid concern. But again, it's really something that needs to be looked at in person to get a good idea.

Hope this helps

-Firewood Matt

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Jul 26, 2015
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