How can I be sure the wood I'm purchasing is maple?

by Felicia
(Seattle, WA )

I've got a firewood delivery coming Saturday, and have ordered maple, which is more expensive. How can I be sure they're not trying to substitute another cheaper pine or alder? The guy was willing to come down $50 for the cord, and I'm just hoping this isn't why.
Seems to be reputable, takes credit cards, charges tax.



That's an excellent question and I'm afraid that I don't have any surefire way for you to ensure that it is maple. Basically, except for a few exceptions in regards to species, already processed firewood is hard to distinguish with the untrained eye.

That being said, you should be able to spot if there is more than one species of wood in the pile. Pine, in particular, will look a lot different than maple in terms of the bark. Also, If the wood is seasoned, the pine will be much lighter in weight than maple.

Your best bet is to trust that you ordered from an honest vendor or to have someone else that is familiar with firewood inspect the wood.

I hope this helps.


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