Green Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood

Green firewood should not be burned unless you have no choice. It's inefficient, aggravating and a waste of good wood. Here you will learn the best ways to tell whether you are dealing with green or seasoned firewood.

Top 4 Rules

Check the Color

Seasoned wood will look weathered, it won't be bright in appearance. If the wood is white or close to its original color, it is probably still green. Once wood is dry it will become more grayish in appearance.

Check your Checks

Checking refers to the cracks that are present on pieces of wood that occur during drying. The presence of checks does not necessarily mean that the wood is fully seasoned, but it does at least mean that the wood is in the process of drying.


Green wood is largely composed of water, sometimes up to 50%. Once the wood is seasoned, it will be significantly lighter. This is very evident in a less dense species like pine or poplar. However, keep in mind that a dense species like oak is still pretty heavy when seasoned. Don't pass judgement on this factor unless you actually know how heavy the wood is when freshly cut.

Burn It

If you still aren't sure, try burning the wood. If it doesn't light well and you notice water coming out of the wood, it's still too wet!!

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