Fireplace Gloves - Why use them?

Fireplace gloves should be used to avoid getting burns while operating a fireplace or woodstove. Even if you're not putting your hands directly in the fire, you need them!

Operating a fireplace means adding new pieces of firewood, stoking the fire, and adjusting the logs. This can lead to flying embers, flames, and intense heat near your arms and hands. Bottom line- when the fireplace gets hot, smart wood burners get protection.

What is the best fireplace glove?

The best fireplace glove is one that is flame resistant,insulated, and long enough to cover your forearms as well as your hands.

Leather is the best and most obvious choice. Leather is flame resistant and tough. Not only will these gloves not become engulfed in flame, they also will prevent splinters when handling firewood.

Reinforced seams on gloves is also nice to have. You'll get more use out of a pair of gloves with this feature.

The added insulation on most gloves will ensure that your hands won't get too hot. Leather won't catch fire, but without the insulation your fingers will be too toasty to spend much time maintaining the fire.

What to avoid

Here are a couple types of gloves that should be avoided when tending the fireplace:

Kitchen Mitts

These mitts may work fine for taking a pan out of the oven, but that's about it. Use these gloves over a fire and there's a good chance they catch fire from flying embers or flames. Most are made of cotton which is flammable.

Uninsulated leather work gloves

These gloves are fine for handling firewood but without the insulation, you won't have enough protection. Also, any glove that doesn't cover your forearm is not recommended.

Alright, I get the picture. Where can I buy a good pair?

Amazon is a good place to look. They have a large selection and you can read reviews to help make your decision. Here is a sampling of what they have to offer to help you get started.

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