Fireplace Cover

A fireplace cover is a great way to protect your outdoor fireplace or firepit when it's not in use. Additionally, it provides a barrier so that children are less likely to get injured by sharp fireplace items.

Most covers are constructed of a heavy duty material made specifically for outdoor weather. Your outdoor fireplace will stay protected from the outside elements and debris that can shorten the life of a fireplace.

Why use a cover?

Fireplace Protection
Fireplaces, just like everything else, can collect dust and become dirty. A cover can help protect your fireplace from these items and keep it looking new.

Safety for Children
A fireplace can be dangerous for young children. Most fireplaces have sharp grates and other items inside the firepit. By using a cover, your children are less likely to be injured by any sharp items in the fireplace.

Keep out the Water
Small portable outdoor fireplaces fill with water unless you have a cover for them. Nothing takes the enthusiasm out of starting an outdoor fire like finding a fireplace that is filled with sooty water. Soft covers for outdoor fireplaces work well and are relatively inexpensive.

Many covers make an excellent addition to your outdoor fireplace. It makes for a much better look than a dirty fireplace with half-burned logs. There are many different styles available and you can also purchase custom made covers.

Examples of Fireplace Covers

Here are some examples of soft covers that you can purchase for an outdoor fireplace.


If you have an outdoor fireplace, unless you keep it in a garage or shed, you need to buy a cover. It will prolong the life and aethetics of your fireplace. Additionally, it will provide greater safety for children and animals.

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