Double wall pipe too hot

by Lip

I recently replumbed my Buck Stove. 6"" black pipe (no damper) is 56" from top of stove to beginning of double wall through (low, 7 foot )drywall cieling then through attic crawl out through roof extending well above peak of the roof. During my first fire, I got up into attic and checked the temp of the double wall pipe (by hand, not with thermometer) and it's very hot to the touch, is this okay, do I need to check with thermometer, or do I need a damper?

I read your reply to a question of a reader in the past where I thought you said a damper was not recommended if one can control the fire with the air intake. Any thoughts on this? I did plumb in the fresh air from the lower crawl and it's working well.



I don't recommend installing a damper. Doing that will reduce the efficiency of your wood stove.

If the stove pipe is too hot, I suggest contacting the manufacturer of the double walled pipe. Explain your installation and and get their input. They can help confirm that the pipe was installed to their specifications and that it is safe.

I'm glad to hear that the ouside intake is working well!

-Firewood Matt

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Nov 05, 2015
efficiency NEW

You're right, Matt. Installing a damper can reduce efficiency. The instructions on the usage written by the firewood professional B. J. Cose show the decreasing the effectiveness of a stove in case of installing.

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