Does smaller unsplit wood season?

by Bill Mayer
(Blooming Grove, NY)

I have a lot of branches that are 2-4 inches thick. Since they are too thin to split, can these still be used for firewood and will they take longer to dry?



You can definitely still use these for firewood. In some ways, wood this size is great for firewood because it takes less time and energy to process.

As long as you cut them into firewood sized lengths they will still season. Will it take longer with the bark on? Sure, but not significantly longer. Especially not with the smaller pieces. Just provide yourself with an adequate amount of time and these pieces will season for you just like the rest of the split firewood.


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Nov 11, 2015
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by: Valorie K. Stephens

"Well! No doubt. Hawthorn is a good firewood. They are being used and rate high for firewood. It's great if you have them on your property. You know has firewood as a big upcoming topic of discussion. In which these the firewood and all types of woods are discussed in detail."

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