Decorative Fireplace Screens, Small Fireplace Screens

Decorative fireplace screens are excellent for both aesthetics and safety. They are pretty much a necessity for anyone who burns wood in a fireplace.

People that have smaller fireplaces often times have trouble finding small fireplace screens. Below we will also show you where to find these items.

Why Buy a Fireplace Screen?

Fire Safety
Whenever you have an open fire, there is a risk of sparks shooting out of the fire. These sparks can easily catch a rug or a piece of furniture on fire(not to mention damage hardwood floors).

Having a decorative screen prevents dangerous sparks from leaving the fireplace. Even if you are generally in front of the fire when it's burning, you won't be paying attention 100% of the time. That could very well be the time that you turn around and find your favorite recliner in flames.

Child and Pet Safety
Fireplaces can be dangerous areas for both pets and children. Most fireplaces have sharp edges and firewood grates that can be a hazard for anyone horsing around the area.

Also, the debris of soot and wood can be very messy if you dog gets into it. Can't you just imagine Fido spreading chimney ashes around on your favorite rug or sofa? Not pretty, eh?

Decorative Value
Fireplace screens come in many different designs and themes. You can be sure to find one to complement your home decor and become the focal point of a room. Especially with older less attractive looking fireplaces, a decorative fireplace screen can completely change the look of a fireplace.

Different Types

There are literally hundreds of different fireplace screens out there, but most fall into one of a few categories.

Fireplace Screen with Doors
There is the typical straight style that fit flat against the fireplace. The doors open up to allow for adding more wood and stoking the fire. This flat model can fit directly in the fireplace opening. Most models don't need any installation as they have solid footing and frames.

Folding Fireplace Screens
These screens have one large center piece and two smaller end pieces that fold in to enclose the firebox to prevent sparks from leaving.

Curved Fireplace Screens
These curved screens are usually wrought iron frames with mesh to provide the best viewing experience of the fire. This is my preferred type of fireplace screen, because it gives the best view of the fire. Plus the wrought iron look is nice and rustic and goes well with a stone fireplace.

Screens with Glass
Glass fireplace screens are somewhat common. Often times you will see a wrought iron or brass fireplace screen with stained glass in the middle.

Small Fireplace Screens
These are made smaller so that you don't have to use a screen that is twice the size of your fireplace. These screens allow you to keep the aethetics of your smaller fireplace while maintaining safety. Look below for a link to a small screen that is sold on

As you can tell, the possibilities are really endless with screen choices. Below I've included some links to some different styles of fireplace screens.


When buying a fireplace screen always make sure that it is a few inches higher and several inches wider than the fireplace opening(if it's a folding screen, it should be 10-12" wider as it will get shorter when folded). The obvious exception to this rule would be when buying a screen that fits directly into the opening.

Find a screen that will complement your living space and still allow you to enjoy the fire. Personally, I like the simplistic screens that allow the best viewing of the fire. Find what you like best and buy it. If you can't find one that suits you, some companies can make custom decorative fireplace screens for you.

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