Cutting down a tree

Once i have picked the tree I want to cut down, where do you make the first cut? Second? Also, how do you make a tree fall where you want it to?....I am a beginner


As you mention in your question, you're a beginner and I urge you not to attempt to fell a tree by yourself when starting out. Felling trees is seriously dangerous business, even for trained professionals it can be unpredictable.

Your best bet is to learn from someone with experience. There are several different techniques that are acceptable when felling a tree. The most simplistic method is outlined on this page about felling trees. Although there are several methods for felling trees, the basics of cutting a notch and creating a hinge are pretty much the same. The link above will at least give you an idea if the person that you are learning from has a good idea of what he/she is doing.

But again, please do not attempt to cut down a tree by yourself without the experience, it's just not worth the risk!

Be Safe,

Firewood Matt

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