Chimney Sweep Supplies

You'll need chimney sweep supplies if you are planning on cleaning a chimney yourself. It's important to have the right tools for the job if you want it to be done properly.

Chimney Brush

A chimney brush is the most important tool to have when cleaning a chimney. It is essential that you find the right sized brush to get a proper cleaning. If the brush is too small or too big, you won't get the flue cleaned out. In order to find the right brush, you need to measure the size and shape of the flue. Once you have it measured, buy the brush. Here are some common sized brushes that fit many chimneys:

Chimney Cleaning Rods

Chimney cleaning rods are a good option for cleaning with the chimney brush. You simply attach the rods to the brush and add more extensions, as necessary, to reach all the way down the chimney.

It's important to buy rods that will be compatible to the brush that you purchase. Here are some rod kits:

Chimney Cleaning Kits

Another option is to buy complete kits which include both the brush and rod set/ropes to get the job done.

Here are a couple of popular rod kits that include the chimney brush:

Here is a chimney cleaning kits that comes with a rope set-up if you prefer that method:

Other Items

Other chimney sweep supplies that you should use include a ladder to get onto your roof if cleaning from the top of the chimney (highly recommended to reduce mess in your living room), and a cloth or tarp to seal off the fireplace opening to reduce the mess. Also a heavy duty shop vaccum works well for cleaning up the debris once you have finished cleaning. Good Luck!

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