Chimney Insulation

Chimney insulation is important because it keeps your chimney cleaner and running more efficiently. It's easy to forget about the chimney when you are enjoying a cozy fire, but the reality is that having a properly operating chimney is extremely important.

Why is insulation important?

A well insulated chimney is important because it allows the chimney to draft better and also makes it harder for creosote to stick to the flue.

A good draft is created when a warm flue draws the smoke and hot air up and out the top of the chimney. The warmer the chimney and the colder the outside air, the greater the draft.

In terms of having a cleaner chimney, an insulated chimney works great because it keeps the flue warmer. This reduces the amount of condensation that occurs in the chimney which causes creosote to stick to the walls of the flue.

Bottom Line

Insulated chimneys create a better draft, stay cleaner longer and produce more efficient fires. If you are thinking about putting in a new chimney, make sure it is insulated. If you are having problems with your current chimney, call an expert and have them inspect the problem. You never know, insulation may be the answer.

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