Chimney Fire Extinguisher

A chimney fire extinguisher is an important item to keep around when using a woodstove or fireplace. It's inexpensive and could save you some serious damage if you have the unfortunate experience of a chimney fire.

What Causes a Chimney Fire?

A chimney fire is caused from the build up of creosote on the inside walls of your chimney. This creosote is the product of wood smoke and moisture that sticks to the inside of your chimney from condensation. Over time it can build up and ignite to cause an extremely hot and dangerous fire in your chimney.

The best way to avoid this is to regularly clean your chimney, only burn seasoned wood and burn your wood efficiently (try to avoid low burning smoldering fires).

Regardless of how well you take care of your chimney, it's still important to have an extinguisher just in case a fire does occur.

Chimney fires burn at such a hot temperature they melt mortar, destroy chimney liners and damage outside masonry. Several of these smaller chimney fires can do enough damage to your chimney to create pathways for future chimney fires to damage your house.

What are They and How do They Work?

A chimney fire extinguisher looks like a flare. The most popular extinguisher is called Chimfex. It essentially extinguishes the fire by using up all of the oxygen in the chimney.

If you do have a chimney fire, you should strike the Chimfex flare and throw it into the firebox. If you are using a fireplace with glass doors, be sure to shut the doors as that will help to cut off the oxygen supply.

Obviously, do this carefully and don't compromise you or your families safety by messing around with the chimney fire. If you can safely throw the extinguisher into the fire and close the doors, do it. Otherwise get your family to safety and call the fire department.

Where can I purchase one?

Chimfex fire extinguishers can be purchased both online and at some local hardware stores. At a fairly inexpensive price of less than $20.00, it's a must have for safety.


A chimney fire can cause serious damage to your house. It's very important to regularly clean your chimney and keep a chimney fire extinguisher on hand.

If you do have a chimney fire, be sure to call a certified chimney sweep to inspect for damage. Most homeowners' insurance policies cover chimney fire damage. Good luck and hopefully you'll never have a chimney fire.

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