Best way to use a Peavey with a stack of logs


I have a stack of logs 8' long that I need to bring one at a time to the ground to make split rails out of. What is the best way to get the top one off the pile using a Peavey? I have never used a peavey before and am buying the one you suggested on your site from Amazon.

Thanks, Steve



Glad to hear that you decided to purchase a peavey. You'll wonder how you got along without one once you start using it.

In regards to getting a log off the top of a pile, the best method is to use the swing dog on the peavey.

The peavey has a straight pointed end and a swing dog that is mounted roughly a foot below the end of the peavey. In order to roll the log off the pile you need to drive the swing dog into the log, and once it is solid in the log, push the peavey handle forward. This will make the log rotate and turn off the pile.

This action is difficult to describe, but I'll try my best. The easiest way is to jab at the log so that the end of the peavey goes above the top of the log. This will allow for the swing dog to catch and then you should be able to push the handle forward to roll the log. If the log is at an odd angle and you can't jab at it, you can pound the swing dog in with a hammer or something similar.

Obviously, be careful when dealing with a stack of logs. I only recommend doing this if all the other logs on the pile are secured. Otherwise, with an unstable stack of logs, you could end up with the whole stack falling and a serious injury.

Enjoy the new peavey!

-Firewood Matt

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