Acacia tree - is it good for firewood?

by Luis
(Mesa, AZ)

Is acacia a good tree to use for firewood?


Acacia is an excellent firewood species. Not only does it burn hot, but it also makes for long-lasting fires. I highly recommend using it.

Just be careful when harvesting the wood as many species of acacia trees do have thorns.

-Firewood Matt

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Jun 07, 2018
Offer letter of firewood NEW
by: Anonymous


I would like to buy 3000 or 4000 tons of firewood.
Can you send offer letter for me ?
And we want to discount us.

My location: Saudi Arabia
​Preferred contact telephone number: +966 552757729

Best regards,

May 07, 2018
My Experience with Acacia NEW
by: Anonymous

First time user of this wood today!
Yes, it catches fire relatively easily, (essential for me!) But seems to burn up a little bit fast?
But I'm loving it, it isn't too fast burning up.
It is lovely and warm here as I type!

Nov 09, 2015
Acacia NEW

Acacia's thorns, to crown it all, have healing abilities. If you take this tree for the firewood, you ca also use the thorns to make the mixture to take if you have a stomachache. It's one of the most ancient and important trees for our health.

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