Sweetgum for firewood??

I have heard that Sweetgum makes good firewood if properly seasoned (dried for one year). Just wanted to check to make sure this is true.




Sweetgum is a decent firewood species. It has an average heating value, similar to that of birch. It can be difficult to split but other than that it won't give you any problems as long as it's adequately seasoned.

-Firewood Matt

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Feb 25, 2013
Splitting Sweetgum
by: Neilsonjr

Just found an easy way to split SG, instead of going down the center try starting on the outside about 4-5" from the outside and work your way around from the outside which will leave the center.
Also, I don't burn SG alone; I have a Bucksotve 74. I mix it with Oak and at most I put one piece of SG to two pieces of Oak. Hope this helps.

Sep 10, 2012
Sweetgum for firewood
by: Dennis

Its a bear to split. Be careful when you do
split. Fresh cut sweetgum will kick your axe or splitter back in your face. I have actually had the sledge/wedge bounce back over my head, and I am a weight lifter!

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