Splitting firewood with a chainsaw?

by Brian


I have split firewood with a chainsaw multiple times, but the wood that is produced is difficult to stack because it is a semicircle. Is this not a good way to split it? The reason I used a chainsaw was because the logs were too large to use a maul. I placed the 20 inch logs on a stump and went to town, do you have any suggestions on an easier way?


Using a chainsaw to split large logs is alright every now and again, but I don't recommend doing it all the time. It's hard on the saw and it's pretty inefficient.

The reason the the pieces aren't cutting straight is likely a problem with the chainsaw bar or chain. I suggest getting a new bar and buying a ripping chain. Ripping chains are meant for cutting with the grain of the wood and will be much better to use for that purpose.

I still don't recommend doing it all the time. It takes a long time and burns a lot of gas in the process. It may be a good idea to look at buying a splitter or using some splitting wedges with your maul to get the job done.

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Sep 08, 2015
by: roger

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