Pecan Firewood?

by Emily
(Macon, GA)

I have a woodstove (full of potatos now that it is spring in GA) and am always on the lookout for wood. I have also got a pecan tree in my yard that for various reasons has to be cut down. Is pecan safe to use in a wood stove?



I must admit that I am a little confused as to why you fill your wood stove with potatoes in the spring. I am far from a potato farmer, so perhaps you can add a comment to explain?

Pecan is an excellent firewood species. Like most fruit and nut trees, it makes for excellent firewood and has a pleasant aroma when burned.

I highly recommend burning it. Just make sure that you process it properly and allow adequate time for seasoning before you use it in your wood stove.

Best of luck!

-Firewood Matt

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May 09, 2015
Pecan firewood is NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 11, 2015
Reply NEW
by: gilles

In case you have not heard of this; people in some parts live on potatoes and this is one veggie that can be used indifferently with seasons. And of course pecan wood is a good one to burn. It surely does have a nice aroma when burnt. EHR Software

Dec 14, 2012
taters in the stove not cooking? NEW
by: jerry m. west

i too would like to why the potatoes are in the stove. im from texas and have never heard such a thing.

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