My heatilator doesn't work. Help?

I bought a house with a fireplace that has a heatilator system. The problem is that I have no idea how to test it. I can't find a switch for the fans. How does it work?


There are a couple of possible reasons that you can't get the Heatilator to work. First, some units don't actually engage the fan until the firebox reaches an acceptable temperature. This feature is to stop folks from blowing cold air into their homes.

Some models of Heatilator fireplaces don't include the fan unit but you can upgrade and add it later. In this case, you have the looks without the functionality.

Some models have a switch, either on the unit or on the wall to engage the fan. If you can't find this, you may just have a non-functioning fireplace. I suggest that you contact the manufacturer to get some answers. There should be a model # on the fireplace, use that to get more information.

All the best!

-Firewood Matt

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