Logs for the best heat - Olive or Cork Oak?

by Pam Bushnell

We have access to plentiful supplies of olive and cork oak. Which is better for a log burning stove? Which produces the most heat?


Both cork oak and olive are good firewood species. I'm not familiar with cork oak in particular as it doesn't grow in my part of the world, but the research that I've done suggests that it is similar to all oak species in its characteristics. That being said, the cork oak should burn longer than the olive. So given the choice, I would choose to burn the oak over the olive.

Hope this helps!

-Firewood Matt

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Jan 21, 2011
Corkwood is hard to burn well
by: Anonymous

I donĀ“t think cork burns well. It is hard to burn it well, the cork (the natural shield against fire) FIRST STARTS burning fast but than it stops burning.
Only if you have your stove real hot and move the logs while burning it can work o.k.
Olive wood is perfect!
Always let your wood dry for at least 1 year!

Martin, Spain

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